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Mirror Photo Booths


Mirror photo booths are an increasingly popular addition to events and parties in Ottawa, ON. A mirror photobooth allows you to take pictures in a fun interactive way by using a reflective surface such as a full length mirror or a hand-held device. 

When renting a mirror photo booth from Bonsoir Modern Photobooth for your event around Ottawa ON, you can customize it with custom backdrops, frames and props that will make the experience even more unique and exciting. Our photo booths offer many other advantages such as being easy to install and operate; providing real time prints of photos; allowing for unlimited sessions throughout the event; and we have a wide variety of accessories available.


With Bonsoir Modern Photobooth, you can be sure that your rental will come with the highest quality mirror photo booth equipment and experienced professionals who will ensure that everything runs smoothly for your event. From setting up to breaking down, our knowledgeable staff will be there every step of the way. 


For all these reasons, renting a mirror photo booth from Bonsoir Modern Photobooth is an excellent choice to create lasting memories for your guests and turn any ordinary occasion into something special. Contact Bonsoir Modern Photobooth today if you would like to rent a mirror photo booth around Ottawa!

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